The inaugural In Vivo Engineering of Therapeutic Cells Summit is the only industry-dedicated meeting focusing exclusively on this approach.

Join the In Vivo Engineering of Therapeutic Cells Summit to connect with the pioneers of the in vivo approach and to discuss strategies to tackle the challenges of delivery, targeting
and specificity.

What you can expect...

    • Discuss the next frontier of cell and gene therapy to answer why your company should also enter this lucrative field
    • Tackle the challenges of ex vivo CAR T engineering by moving in vivo
    • Leverage best-in-class delivery modalities to enhance transfection efficiency
    • Optimize approaches to enhance target cell specificity, reducing off-target effects
    • Discover cutting-edge genetic engineering strategies to improve payload function

Download your own copy of the brochure here to see the full 3-day program of unrivalled content.

Thrilled to see Hanson Wade taking on the emerging science of in vivo cell engineering. I strongly believe that combining genomics with cell biology will unleash a revolution in medicine
Chief Medical Officer, ASC Therapeutics

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Ex vivo engineering of therapeutic cells, such as CAR T-cells, has shown amazing therapeutic promise.
However, the complex logistics and cost have limited patient access. In vivo cell engineering offers the potential to achieve the same therapeutic benefits in more patients at lower cost

Chief Executive Officer, Umoja Biopharma