Jagesh Shah

Jagesh Shah

Company: Sana Biotechnology

Job title: Vice President - Gene Therapy & Technologies


Industry Leader’s Fireside Chat: Comparing Different Delivery Constructs to Pave the Future of Cell Therapy 8:45 am

An executive panel discussion from the industry leaders of the field to set the scene on the future of In Vivo approaches within the cell therapy space. Ask your questions live to understand the expert’s thoughts on key topics including: • Reviewing different platform technologies for reprogramming in-vivo human cells and tissues e.g LNP versus…Read more

day: Day 1

Cell-Specific In Vivo Gene Delivery & Genome Editing via Retargetable Fusogens 9:30 am

• Highlight the in vivo delivery platform that Sana has developed for gene therapy • Discuss progress in targeting T Cells and HSCs • Provide examples of pre-clinical studies with delivery of integrating vectors and Gene editing machineryRead more

day: Day 2

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