Optimizing Target Cell Specificity, Safety & Delivery of Payloads In Vivo with Innovations in Gene Editing, Integration & Manufacturing to
Transform Cell & Gene Therapy


2nd In Vivo Engineering of Therapeutic Cells Summit!

Ushering in a New Wave of Affordable & Accessible In-Vivo Therapeutics
with Next Generation Innovations

The 2nd In Vivo Engineering of Therapeutic Cells Summit was the only industry focused meeting place future innovations in the cell and gene space front and centre – dedicating time to explore the blockbuster potential of in vivo cell engineering with a key focus on optimizing delivery, targeting and specificity.

Expertise was shared from the likes of Capstan Therapeutics, Interius Biotherapeutics, Vector Biopharma and many others as the titans of industry unite to showcase the latest delivery technologies that are set to transform the cell & gene space.

A community of trailblazing industry experts united to revolutionize the future of modern medicine, bringing affordable and transformative cell therapies to patients at need globally.

2023 Takeaways


Explore novel delivery technology with Spotlight Therapeutics, Interius Bio, and Immtune Therapies to benchmark best in-class in-vivo engineering approaches


Gain insight into the strategic decision making of investors by delving into the early landscape with Qiming Venture Partners and Alaya Bio to unveil the route to successful financing


Drive more targeted biodistribution and novel administration with Lupagen and Mustang Bio for enhanced and specific delivery to as many target cells as possible



Supercharge cellular trafficking beyond the T cell with Tabby Therapeutics, Gigamune and Vector Biopharma for safe, specific and efficient gene delivery



Elevate your knowledge on innovations in next generation gene editing with Sana Biotechnology and John Hopkins to drive precise editing and safe delivery of therapeutic payloads

At Umoja, we do see in vivo cell engineering as a key area of future innovation and a means to offer
transformative therapies at lower cost to more patients
Andy Scharenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Umoja Biopharma

The World Class Speaker Faculty Included: