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Must-attend talks include:


Precision Guided Delivery For Gene Medicines - Phil Johnson, President & CEO, Interius BioTherapeutics


Precision Gene Delivery by SHREAD VLPs for Enhanced Safety and Efficacy In Vivo -Sheena Smith, Head of Program Management, Vector BioPharma AG



Delivering Genetic Cargoes to Cells Of Choice In Vivo Using Non-Viral Delivery Vectors - Bakul Gupta, CEO, ImmTune Therapies

Companies Attending This Meeting:

Sana Biotechnology

Hear What Industry Pioneers Have to Say:

Thrilled to see Hanson Wade taking on the emerging science of in vivo cell engineering. I strongly believe that combining genomics with cell biology will unleash a revolution in medicine
Oscar Segurado, Chief Medical Officer, ASC Therapeutics

Ex vivo engineering of therapeutic cells, such as CAR T-cells, has shown amazing therapeutic promise. However, the complex logistics and cost have limited patient access. In vivo cell engineering offers the potential to achieve the same therapeutic benefits in more patients at lower cost
Andy Scharenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Umoja Biopharma

Reprogramming cells directly inside a patient has the potential to have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes because we have the opportunity to empower patients’ own immune system rather than a single immune cell type
Nicholas Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Abintus Bio

The speed at which in vivo gene delivery to immune cells has matured has been fierce. So glad that HW is organizing the first ever dedicated meeting where we can discuss in depth and meet with colleagues to bring these exciting modalities to patients. Excited to lead workshop on comparing the various in vivo delivery systems
David Perrit, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Lupagen