Pre Conference Workshop Day

Tuesday July, 12 | Boston, MA

Workshop A

Moving from Ex Vivo to In Vivo CAR T Engineering to Improve Efficacy
& Accessibility

10am - 1pm 

CAR T cells represent a revolutionary therapy for combatting cancers. Although treatment with CAR T cells has produced remarkable clinical responses, this approach has several disadvantages including production time, cost, manufacturing delay, and more. In vivo CAR T is a new alternative that can potentially overcome these issues, and thus make this therapy more broadly available to patients. Attend this workshop for a deep dive view into everything you need to know about CAR T and how to make the switch to the in vivo approach.

Attend this workshop to:

• Explore the key challenges in the first wave of autologous CAR T, paving the way for next generation therapies
• Understand the main differences in pre clinical considerations between ex vivo and in vivo CAR T
• Unlock the in vivo potential: translating this to multiple indications


Adrian Bot
Chief Scientific Officer & Executive
Vice President of R&D
Capstan Therapeutics

Sid Kerkar
Vice President, Research & Development
EXUMA Biotechnology

25530, Adrian Bot, Capstan Therapeutics
25530, Sid Kerkar, Exuma Bio

1pm Lunch Break & Networking

Workshop B

Compare & Contrast Delivery Modalities for In Vivo Gene Delivery

2:00 - 5:00pm 

The promise of in vivo cell and gene therapies is hampered by difficulties in the in vivo delivery to the target cell, and systemic delivery remains to be the biggest challenges to be overcome. This workshop will summarize the existing delivery barriers together with the requirements and strategies to overcome these problems.

This workshop aims to delve deep into:

• Compare the different platforms that currently exist for delivery of in vivo therapeutics: retroviruses, lentiviruses, AAVs, mRNA, LNPs, extracorporeal gene delivery etc.
• Explore the hallmarks of a clinically relevant delivery system
• Address the question: how do we engineer the modality to have specificity for cell type?

25530, David Peritt, Lupagen (2)
25530, Cory Sago, Beam Therapeutics
25530, Adi Barzel, Tel-Aviv University
25530, Ryan Larson, Umoja Biopharma

David Peritt
Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Cory Sago
Senior Director, Head of LNP Discovery
Beam Therapeutics

Adi Barzel
Senior Lecturer, Dept. of
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Life Sciences Faculty
Tel-Aviv University

Ryan Larson
Vice President, Head of Immunology
Umoja Biopharma

5pm Close of Pre-Conference Workshop Day